Senior Personnel

Nick Jordan: agroecology, biophysical effects of grazing and project synthesis; 10 years research experience addressing sustainable development of agriculture in Midwest USA.

Kristen C. Nelson: human behavior in managed environmental systems, risk assessment and multi-stakeholder deliberation; social networks and community participation, 20 years research experience in sustainable development - U. S. and Latin America.

Steven M. Manson: Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing, computer modeling; 7 years research experience modeling social-ecological systems

Bruce Vondracek: aquatic biodiversity; 20 years research experience addressing stream ecology and biodiversity.

Student Researchers

Adam Berland (Geography, now at Ball State University)

Genevieve Brand (Water Resources)

Rachel Brummel (Forest Resources, now at Luther College)

Sondra Campbell (Water Resources)

Dudley Bonsal (Geography, now at James Madison University)

Katie Clower (Forest Resources, now at Minnesota Department of Natural Resources)

Melissa Colletti (Forest Resources, now at MCW Environmental  )

Chris Crawford (Geography, now at NASA)

Sonya Ewert (Forest Resources, now at Carlson School of Management)

Sarah Graves (Agronomy, now at Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Stephanie Grayzek

Jennifer Immich (Anthropology, now at GIS Analyst at City of Boulder)

Andrea Klausen (Forest Resources)

Kara Raymond (Forest Resources)

Brandon Wiarda (Forest Resources)

Andrea Woodside (Forest Resources, now at Goldman Sachs)